The tranquility, gastronomy, nature, and beauty of the Delta del Ebro Natural Park are incomparable to any other. In the place where the Ebro River, the most voluminous in Spain, meets the Mediterranean Sea, you will find a unique visual and natural spectacle.

Discover and visit the most recommended places and activities in the entire Delta del Ebro to feel and connect with the environment in the best possible way.

Fangar Point

At one of the ends of the Delta, we find a beautiful desert covered with fine golden sand that extends for several kilometers. Don’t miss one of the most visited places in the Ebro Delta and discover the Fangar Lighthouse, a large lighthouse that stands as the only building in this incredible desert peninsula.

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Beach of La Bassa de l’Arena

The longest dog-friendly beach (almost 3 km) and the best one in the province of Tarragona. In a spot of the Delta, you will find a beautiful beach where dogs are allowed all year round. You can access the beach by car, located deep within the Delta. Give your pet the pleasure of enjoying their vacation too.

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Discover the fauna of the Delta

The diverse habitats and wetlands found in this natural park contribute to the presence of numerous different species. The birdlife of the Delta stands out, with around 350 bird species recorded out of the 600 species recorded in all of Europe. The beautiful flamingos of the Delta are particularly noteworthy, often found in the rice fields and cultivated areas. The marine fauna is also of great importance, with a wide variety of species thanks to the different levels of salinity between the waters of the Ebro River and the sea.